Need a Home-Inspection Website?

We are a two man team that have worked on websites all over North America and usually have about 5 websites on the go at any given time. We would certainly love to hear about your projects. Please visit our website and be sure to see our portfolio, some “Before and Afters”, as well as our testimonials.( We have been so busy that we have not had time to work on our own website in ages – therefore you will only see a limited amount of our portfolio and B&A’s. )

We are always on time, our prices are reasonable, and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Don’t get fooled into using site-builders or free templates there is always a catch!
They look bad, poor performance, and turn people off.

or Call 1-888-881-0554

SEO starting at $250/month? I’ll sign up right now if you can explain what $250/month gives me that I can’t do myself for free.


I’d like to think my sitelooks good. And it was easy to build.

*( because it turns people on (ie. they call)

FWIW, my web host provided tons of FREE SEO info to all, well before I ever signed on.

HI Kevin! Mike misses ya in the not for everyone section. ;)*

Hi Rick! Does Mike need some taming?

If this team is so good at SEO why did they not figure how to add website to the profile when clicking their Avatar.

I would expect them to be at least that detailed for $250 a month.

I got a call the other day from a company that will put me all over google in my area for only $449 start up fee. I dont know how much it is a month I stopped listening after the great start up price. My site is three weeks old. a small donation to addwords last week I am where I need to be.

Ryan, don’t forget to add yourself to the local listings. I’ve heard a few scams lately where people where charging $299 a month and all they were doing was submitting the 5 minute local listing form. I have the info here:

I recently got a call from a company stating that they will put my site at the top of Google for $69 per month, We did two Google searches together and when he found out I was already at the top of the list he hung up.

If you invest in your own time and follow the free advice that is passed out on these boards and more importantly on HomeInspectorPro boards you will be fine.

There is no need to pay these prices for SEO stuff that you can do on your own.

Now if it is a matter of designing a better website and you feel that you can not do it, that is a different story

Thanks Dominic, I got that set up as well. But as i wait for those crwalers to do there job :cool: I started addwords. My phone Number and web address is infront of all area gooogle searches.

Google Adwords definitely has it’s place when used correctly! We used it quite a bit until we got to the top for the searches we wanted. Just make sure to set a daily budget limit!

Worth repeating