Website host

Does anyone have a suggestions for the best website hosts /provider for HI companies … how does your perform?

I use Yahoo and SiteGround. No problems with either.

Contact Home Inspector Pro. Dominic can’t be beat when it comes to new sites and getting you in front of the search engines. A large variety of templates for you to pick from.

Agree, Home Inspector Pro is the greatest, as it is designed with SEO in mind. Saves a ton of work. I also use but had to do alot (and more to do) for SEO. There are also many others available to choose from. Many inspectors create and host their own.

You can’t beat the customer service.:stuck_out_tongue:

          []( Really inexpensive, but you have to do it all yourself. I've been having a great learning experience with it and have no big issues.

If you want the best SEO possible , you use Home Inspector Pro.

One of my clients is a SEO expert ,and he told me he was amazed by how well the basic templates are pre loaded to show up on the search engines.