Web hosting

I need good web hosting.Can anyone help me find someone good?

John Cubit
JC Home/Mold Inspections
Manchester Tn.


Great response if/when needed. No downtime. Good SEO

Greengeeks.com – I’ve been at the top of the search engine charts for some time now.

I use InMotion Hosting. Great service and pricing.

You should also check out http://inspectorpages.com (shameless self-promotion :)).

If you want Good web hosting go to Home Inspector Pro.com All they do is home inspector hosting had me online and away from the morons hosting my old website in one day. Plus three months free for new members. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info.

I was thinking of using Inmotion Hosting services. Do they offer free version? I would like to try it before subscribing to their offers. Or does it have 30-day trial version?

I use Home Inspector Pro like Linas and Glenn.

Hi this is Danny give me a call or send me an email. I am here ready to build you a beautiful website TODAY!!!

Live Examples:




That isn’t sayin much Billy. I’m fifth on Google for your area, and I’m a couple of states away!!! :shock::shock::shock:



Do not buy your Domain from Go Daddy.


Inmotion for me as well. Got a few sites hosted with them. Very responsive and impressive uptime.

You have a nice website Darin.

Agree. I was enjoying browsing it UNTIL the voiceover kicked in! Goodby!!!

Check out www.sitedudes.com . I have a site with them and it’s unlimited pages and changes for $50/mo. with a $100 set up fee. Here’s my site www.InspectSWFlorida.com . Call me or email me for my reps info if you’re interested.

If you’re paying $50/month for that website, you’re getting screwed.

Linas is correct, that is a little steep. Here: www.nachi.org/one-click.htm No set up fee.

$50/mo may seem steep, but I don’t have to maintain the content. All of the places mentioned are DIY.

That makes it even worse.
Can you even add your own content and what happens when you get tired of paying out the nose for them?

Seems like ransom.

You have some good keywords but they violate the first rule of a good site.
Do not make people double click to get to your home page with a useless landing page,so I guess they are not all that skilled.