Recommendations for web design

Can anyone recommend a good webmaster that can help me design my web page.

I am located in central florida but the webmaster doesnt need to be.
Thank you .

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I have designed my own website using

They have templates set up that makes it very easy…

Check it out:

How much does it cost?

Roberta Dulay with grass frog technologies. I have no complaints!

I made my website with WordPress by installing a free WordPress designed theme. It’s very easy.

Use Dominic’s Home Inspector Pro.
He is the biggest expert on web design you can find.

Chicago area guys will be seeing him give a 8 hour talk this Saturday though you can sign up to join online.
President of Home Inspector Pro Inspection Software and Website Hosting, founded in 2004. Home Inspector Pro is now used in 18 countries and in 7 languages. Dominic is also the Webmaster for,, AII, many ASHI Chapter sites and more.


Because it is more than just web design. It’s about optimization and NO body teaches it better than Dom.

You can buy a template through and easily change it to meet your needs in any editor like Notepad++ Instructions are written right into the code. If you need additional help, I’m available to give more advice.

Thanks Guys :wink:

John your Site has ads for your competitors across the top and a missing plug in at the Grey bar on your home Page.

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Yep, just got in from a NACHI meeting and was looking on the phone however see the flash slide pictures at home now that I am here .
Strange I could not see them on the phone though.q

Gosh on my desktop the ad for service magic text is bigger than the site text font and on the phone I was looking at phone numbers for two of Johns competitors were showing so the thing better be paying pretty well to be willing to give up inspections.

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My NACHI Chicago meeting brought up the fact that the Rss feed page was removed simply because it had a article from ASHI featured on it at one point but the ads will always show comp as Google is watching where people are clicking and surfing thus will show related ads at all times.

Not sure why but I keep getting ads for this page…,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=e90d0913f918c708&biw=1536&bih=772

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The ads were put in by me…I was trying out the google ads thing. The ads that are shown are relevant to what each individual’s recent search history is. So it’s no wonder that my competitors would be there when a home inspector is looking at it. :wink: I am going to take them down though…just don’t like that I always see those kinds of ads when I look at it. Besides, it’s not making me any money. I have a couple other sites that make me the moolah. :smiley:

Oh, and the gray bar you speak of is probably due to your browser’s settings to block certain scripts or something. Works fine for me.

As mentioned that was on my phone but loaded on desktop.
John your clients also will have a history of looking at Home Inspector Links remember, so it wise to get rid of them.

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