Website Re-design

I recently had my website re-designed and am looking for feedback. Any thoughts would be appreciated

Customers want to learn more about the person who is inspecting their property. How long has he been doing this type of business any credentials he has earned. What is your real name didn’t see that on your site . photos of major or minor faults you have discovered will also help. Look at my site although it can be more informative I still think you can grab info from it. my website still needs work which I am doing at the moment. Things I will add are. Download your report and sample report tabs along with an inspection agreement that should be signed before I show up. And I will also have a terms/conditions section and a standards of practice for them to read because I don’t want them to expect me to walk on their roof if their is snow on it. hope this helps .

I would change the testimonial. First of all, it is hogging up your precious homepage real estate. Second of all, it says only that you did what you are supposed to do (nothing extraordinary):

You’re supposed to be professional, do a good job and arrive on time. Nothing particularly special there.

Thank you gentleman, I appreciate the feedback.

Prices listed and on the front page look cheap and discount.

Loaded on my phone first and see you have a mobile version which is OK however I am not a fan of them.

OK to use the fake families however most people are web savy and having yourself on there would help.

Matt, your website looks nice, like others said the testimonials should not be there written as such…the pricing struck me as 1980-1986-ish.

Those were my prices in 1984. Do you value your time and expertise at those rates? If I was looking for an inspector I wouldn’t call to be honest with you.

It makes you look as desperate for work, because I know inspectors in Michigan who charge much much more for the same square footage you offer for 2000 sf or less. I’m sure there are probably basements in Michigan, adding more time to the inspection.

I think if you figured out your cost of doing business you would be making about $10.00 per hr after its all said and done.

Once you start offering low prices, it becomes very difficult to raise prices, sometimes it takes years. Personally I once thought I should find a different profession after charging low rates, trying to inspect two or three homes per day alone is not what I wanted nor expected to do to make a decent living. But that was what everyone else was charging so being new and dumb I charged the same as most others.

I kick myself in the asz now knowing what I’ve learned through the years about pricing.

Please think about it, you’ll be glad you did years from now.

The red on red text at the bottom of the site will get you banned from Google. Change that asap.

Looks like brown to me but good catch.

Doesn’t matter, close enough!

I really appreciate all the positive feedback guys. Yes I agree prices need to be raised, however in my area I have researched and found I am between the mid to high end of the pricing spectrum.

@ Dominic- Are you talking about the commonly searche phrases?

Then you definitely need to remove them unless you are trying to push for Kmart low.
What about putting middle range fees do you think makes plastering on the front page worthwhile unless a screaming used car salesman is holding them up on a poster with balloons ?

“Oh look honey he has midrange prices lets give the guy a shot”.

Thank you Bob, I appreciate your feedback.

I base my web site on what I look for when I am searching for a product or service.

When I visit a web site or click on an advertisement for a service or a product, first thing I want to know is what it will cost. If I can’t find the cost, I assume the price is so high the guy is afraid to show it, or s/he wants me to contact them so that they can do the high pressure sales thing, get my phone number or email address and continue to annoy me forever. I am quite often correct in this assumption.

In short if I can’t find the information that is important to me, a good description of the product and how much it will cost easily, I rarely attempt to contact to find out.

I know there are people who figure they are getting a better product or service just because they are paying more, but I am not one of them, and I don’t know very many who think this way.

Erik, that is my thoughts exactly.

NOT having the prices on your website is best, it makes people call if you have a good sample report they like.

Then you can sell yourself at any price you feel comfortable with.

Dale is right once again, my last client commented that inspector credentials were the focus of the site visit. They contacted 3 other Inspectors closer to the property location, they all said “I don’t go that far”. My response was, “We can make it happen” and we did. I researched the property and provided a quote the next day, price was never on issue I now have some new investor friends from AZ & TN.

Hope you don’t mind but it is my turn now.
Get rid of the prices and replace with serious defects.Take only the choice testimonials that show you above others. Get rid of the red on the bottom. Don’t limit yourself to just east of Michigan.
Now as for what you should say.
** Michigan Home Inspection Services**

With our attention to detail and passion for inspecting homes, it is easy to see why so many people call on Trademark Home Inspection to inspect their Michigan home.

We will never be rush our Inspections, they are generally 3-4 hrs long and we will not rush to get to the next whether we are performing a home inspection on a home you are purchasing, a mold inspection, or providing testing for your existing home.

Our mission is simple, perform every inspection as if it were on our own home and make sure it’s not only a sound investment but also a safe home for you and your family.
A Company You Can Trust

Trademark Home Inspection of Michigan is a family owned company and it is our pleasure to treat each of our clients as family. You are NOT just another inspection. You will always be treated with the respect you deserve from the first call to our office to long after your inspection has been completed.

At the completion of your inspection you will have your inspector’s personal cell phone number. You are welcome to call at any time with questions regarding your inspection report. You are also welcome to call regarding a future purchase as we have many contacts to help you make right decisions.
Where We Differ

One of the biggest differences you will find with Trademark Home Inspection of Michigan is that we do not actively solicit leads from realtors. Though we do receive referrals from selected realtors whom have seen us in action. These realtors completely understand and respect that we will not write a “soft report” to save their commission. Yes, many inspection companies do this and yes it is the easiest way to keep your schedule full. However, it is not what is best for our Clients and does not align with our core principals.

We also strive very hard to always avoid any conflict of interest. One such example of this is that Trademark Home Inspection of Michigan is fully certified in Mold Remediation and Radon Gas Remediation. We are trained and certified in these services to strengthen our knowledge base and skills. Quality and honest inspections are our primary goal and offering these services on a standard Home Inspection would be a conflict of interest.
Our Qualifications

Your inspector is certified!

Home Inspection
International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI).

Mold Inspection and Mold Testing
National Association of Mold Professionals (NAMP) and The International Association of Indoor Air Consultants (Iac2)

Radon Gas Testing
International Association of Indoor Air Consultants (Iac2).

Michigan does not require a license as of yet for any of the above fields. In addition to the above certifications your inspector also holds a valid Michigan Residential Builders License, attends many seminars and conferences each year, and is always continuing to learn about new technologies and inspection methods.

Snow getting ready to slam us. Inspections cancelled. Call me if you want.

Price is location specific…in my neck of the woods that’s pretty high. However, I agree that prices should be left off of the web site.

Also, while I think the site is very professional looking, I don’t think you have differentiated yourself. Why choose TM home inspections?

Well when I visited your website my eyes went right to your pricing, it stands out. If you are the least expensive inspector in your area then that is a great thing. If you are not the least expensive, then what will make someone search your site to choose you?