Weil McClain Boiler Ages?

Does anyone have a age chart for Weil McClain Boilers. I was on the web site, but it doesn’t look like they have anything posted.



There is no chart availabe. You have to call WEil McLain and give them the CP number (the numbers following the letters CP on the data plate). They will tell you the date it was shipped from the manufacturer and the destination.

The information I have is thus:

There apparently are problems with the casting of the 232 series.

The date is stamped on the name plate, but you can also use the serial number.

Serial numbers come in two types:

65-0003 = 1965

5326736 = 1975 (October)
5366109 = 1976
5780174 = 1985

I don’t really understand how the second set works. However, the information I have indicates that the second set of numbers runs sequentially, with about 40,000 units per year being made. So apparently the company started making the units in October 1975. So add 40,000 to 5326736 and those are the units made in October 1975 to September 1976. Etc. A lot of give and take, but you’ll get close to the year anyway.

Weil-McClain apparently was purchased by/merged with Marley but I don’t know the date. Marley uses the two digits at the end of the serial number to indicate year, based on their fiscal year, June to May. So 53180/76 is from their fiscal year 1976.