Weird Recepticle

Ran across this in a 1921 home I inspected today. Any Ideas?

It had 4 vertical slots.

You got me Will.:neutral:

I saw this 50 years ago have not seen one since I do believe it is a dual voltage (I I) was (for then it was called 110 volts)(- -) this was for then it was called 220 volts.
You are straining my memory.
Roy sr.

Heaven forbid, Roy!

My Father used to say, “A young mind is a terrible thing not to F**k with.”

I say, “An old mind is very fragile.”

But, in any case, thanks for the info.

Not critical to the inspection, I just want to know.

Also, it allows me to mess with the minds of my students.

TV Antenna Receptacle??

It is a Euro-Transexual- US Modificazer plug…

lol…sorry…just screwing with ya…thehehe…I dont have a clue and I have seen about everything. From what I can guess it has to be something that was dedicated…but heck in 1921 I can’t think of anything that was dedicated…lol

Knowing ME…if I ran accross it I would be screwing off the cover to see inside it…lol…for all we know it was graham bells first phone hook up…lol

I do know at one time they had 20A dual flat plugs…maybe it is a combo receptacle…which takes a standard 2 wire plug…as well as a the other style as well…sorta a multi-functional plug.

could it be a dual receiving plug. by that i mean, either a 2 prong like we know today, and a 2 prong “horizontal” plug turned on it’s side?

Will where did you find that gem