What Type of Recep is This?

I have never seen a receptacle like this before. There were two in the home. The home was built in 1888. Lots of electrical updates over the years, some good, some not.


That is a single strap, ungrounded quad receptacle, for lack of a better term.

Come one where are the rest of the electrical experts??

I don’t want to Google this question so I can look smart because I am not


Ahhh…we have a LIFE…and don’t spend all day on the boards…sorry…PLUS that plug is before my time…:slight_smile: I try to stick to CODE analysis…

Speedy gave you the best answer. What else are you looking for?

Actually…I did have a person ask me one time where he could get a (4) pronged attachment plug for a receptacle like this…and well…I found that funny personally anyway…don’t care if no one else does…:)…really dont…honestly.

If I recall, its just a simple receptical outlet that will allow 4 (two prong) plugs. I believe that it was like the first attempt of what we call a plug strip today.

And you RECALL correctly…:wink:

Paul,… figure this one out,… lol


lol…looks to me like a freakin 20A Slant Plug and a Standard Plug…no figuring from me…I will probably just google it anyway…;)…I don’t deal in old $hit very often…I just rip it out and put in NEW.

Now thats an electrician I respect!!! HA!

I think its off an alien space ship. :mrgreen:

Yeah…you gotta GRAB some of them “OLD A$$” guys for some of that older crap…I was born in 1969…been around a bit and seen alot in my short time here…but most certainly see old crap I have no idea about all the time…in the end…RIP it out…Replace with NEW…everyones happy.

First time I saw these I had to take a double look,… wipe my eyes and whispered to myself,… I need a vacation. :mrgreen:


ROSWELL BABY…ROSWELL…We will NEVER forget…:slight_smile:

If I had to hazard a guess I would say it is an old dedicated plug for a 120V and 240V dual use appliance…lol…but then again maybe NOT…lol…maybe it is simply a 120V plug for multiple plug formats…lol…

I am sure some of the older fellas will know…

Thanks all. It did not occur to me that this was supposed to accept 4 plugs. I get it now.


Follow the links here:

I am familiar with the types in the link. The one I posted was new to me. After 10 years of international product development of electrical appliances, I thought I had seen about every residential outlet type ever made both domestically and internationally. Nope.

Might possibly be a child resistant type. The plug on the cord is used to turn the cover and allign it with the actual receptacle holes. There are hospital grade receptacles made exactly like this for pediatric areas.

Living proof but those older ones were before kids got smart enough to use the proper tools.
I’m from the hair pin and paper clip generation.

Future inspector: