Welcome home Roy!

He just called me. :smiley: Roy is here to stay!

Right on Roy, that’s the best choice!

Welcome Roy,good choice for all of us. Thanks

Welcome back Roy,
What the hell were you waiting for?
This is good for all.

Very good! :smiley:

Thanks for reconsidering Roy!!!


Now, we can have us a…


Welcome back, Roy…

**it’s as though you never left.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: **

Welcome Back Roy!!
Now Lets Move On With Building Our Businesses !

Welcome back, Roy. Never thought you really left…:smiley:

Thanks For Staying With Us Roy.!!! :mrgreen:

Welcome back, a valuable fountain of knowledge is back.

I’ll Drink to that…:cool:

:smiley: I’m glad that you decided to come back Roy. You are a stand up guy and you’ve done so much for other people that it would have been a real loss to this association if have you had decided not to return.


Roy, you can not imagine how happy I am to see you come back.

As a Committee Member, that would have been a great loss.

To have you back means the sharing of thoughts, ideas, experience and most of all the trust that you have shown me in the past along with the honesty of all your thoughts spread across this Message Board.

It is important to us all to understand the friendship that can be achieved between U.S. Members and Canadian Members.
Together we can be stronger.

Being a strong advocate for Canadian Membership, Roy, with your help, we can make it happen.

Welcome Home Sir.

Marcel :smiley:

welcome Home Roy !!!

Welcome Back Roy!:wink:

Very glad to have you back Roy!

Welcome home Roy. We missed you

I suppose this is what I missed while away, eh Marcel?

I’m not even going to ask…

I’m happy you’re with us Cookie. :smiley:

Welcome back.

Sorry for the BS.