Re-certification for InterNACHI Puerto Rican members on May 17, 2008.

Anuncia Re-certificación para Inspectores de Vivienda. ¡Inspector! Si estudio con alguna otra organización puede que tenga su certificación expirada, asegúrese y comuníquese a nuestras oficinas para orientación y/o matrícula. ***Los Seminarios se ofrecerán; ******Sabatino:***comenzando el 17 de mayo de 8:30 am a 5:00 pm. También tenemos nuevas clases de Inspección de Vivienda (Seminario Regular) comenzando el mismo día. Las clases de inspección de propiedades en Puerto Rico solo las ofrece NACHI y tienen espacios limitados. Para reservar su espacio a tiempo ó para más información puede comunicarse a nuestra oficina al (787) 747-0123 ó 703-1123. ¡No Pierda Esta Oportunidad! Conviértase en Inspector de Propiedades con los Mejores en la Industria…

Thank you for the post of information for inspectors in Puerto Rico.

I know that we have had very little contact time lately and I am very sorry.

But would like to inform all INTERNACHI members that we WON the Lawsuit case in Puerto Rico. That we have a Licensing Bill very close to being approved and that we have worked very closelly with all organization to bring the Inspector Profession to level that it should be. We have also represented INTERNACHI in all mayor T.V. and Radio programs to inform and educate all consumer of the importance of having an inspection performed for properties.

INTERNACHI in Puerto Rico also has offered OSHA 500 and 501 certification classes of Safety and security, FEMA Desaster Inspection Certification Classes by Parr Inspection and many many more trainings for all Inspectors.

Just a small reminder to all of you of all the progress we have had here in our small island.
Hope all are well and doing lot’s of inspections.

We hope to see you guys in this years Convention. Take care,

Mary, it sounds like you are doing great work in Puerto Rico for NACHI members!! We are all looking forward to this year’s convention…hope to see everyone there!


One of our more “respected” members suggested I move to Puerto Rico! How is the weather there?:cool:

Sorry, I did not answer before. The weather is Greattttttttttttt… Today it is 89 to 93.

Thanks Mary!

el toro pooh-pooh;-)

Usted aporta tal vergüenza a los estadounidenses, tal residuos de un muchacho blanco :wink:

Jame, I think the “wink” is not understood.
Now you seem to have p***ed of the Puertoricans. They are American citizens after all.


Oh, well.

Licensing, in any language, solves nothing.

Ha, LOL, that’s funny