Well flow test?

I’ve been asked several times recently if I do well flow test. Does anybody know anything about doing these? From my understanding you’re literally testing the flow rate of the well and that’s it. But I have limited knowledge and I would love to learn because if I can add it to my list of options would be great for my business



thanks I must have overlooked that course

Cory, the flow rate at the well does not translate directly to the flow rate at the fixtures in the house. Flow rate decreases due to friction loss in the pipes and gravity loss. The maximum sustainable flow rate you can have at the well will be a function of the pump size, the time it takes to recharge the well, and how deep the pump is submerged. If the pump is too large it could pump the well dry if the recharge rate is low. A larger pressure tank is an option to help mitigate problems with a low flow rate at the well.

It could take several hours to do a well flow test correctly and around here well’s are unlikely to run dry unless it’s a shallow well…and then they could convert it to jet pump. So I’ve never had anyone request it and if they did they probably wouldn’t want to pay for it. So I do a 15 minute function test where I run the water continuously, measure the draw down, cut in and cut out set points etc.

The buyer or seller hires a water well install/repair company to do a 3-4 hour well flow test to find out what the gallons per minute the well provides. This can change between summer and winter. Usually a local well service company has some sort of records on the well or other knowledge of the area’s water production history,etc.