:stuck_out_tongue: Well ,it’s probably not any big deal to some,but is is for me.I had just about talked myself out of passing the NHIE,but did anyway;) .I knew when I missed taking out the trash this morning,and when I realised ,I ran out to street,and the trash guy backed his truck up to collect mine.That is when I knew I would have no problem with the exam.Not that it is so hard.It’s just that I had $200 riding on it.Somehow that changes your whole perspective.Oh well,it’s done.Now all I do is file the papers with the state and away I go.Thanks everyone for your help!:mrgreen:
JC Smith

Congrats John.

Oh,and thanks Gerry Beaumont for all of your help in getting me prepared for the exam.You were a tremendous help!! Thanks again

Great job John. :smiley: Now the next step is to get your local state Nachi chapter up and running. I have great confidence in you. If you put the same effort you did for your test, you will have a great Nachi chapter. Again, well done. :smiley:



Thank you, and congratulations, I am pleased for you, I new you would pass OK . Kudos my friend.



I plan on working on the chapter here as soon as I get my paperwork filed with the state tommorow morning.Thanks

Congratulations, John and good luck.

Marcel:) :slight_smile: :slight_smile: