Passed nhie!

Just arrived home after passing the nhie, this was my second try. My first score was a 493 and this time a 647. Joined nachi a few months ago and this place has a ton of useful info. Thanks! I would like to add for those getting ready to take the test, study swimming pools and lawn sprinklers (I know). There are quite a bit of “diagnosing why” questions which you wouldn’t expect. Also study the material here at nachi and this test won’t be so bad, I took the test less than a month after graduating from a state mandatory 72 hr AHIT course. Didn’t do so well. But the info here, although sometimes not matching up precisely, (ex- test had stair riser 7-8”, nachi 7-3/4) is superior and further in-depth. Good luck to you all!

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very nice!