WELL Inspection Ride Along/Help for Columbus OH?

Hello all, I am a recently new inspector and have been asked to do a well inspection. From my studies I believe there is a difference in-between them getting a detailed check looking into the water/chemical readings, view of any damage to underground well and overview that goes over functionality and flow. I wanted to see if there was anyone in the Columbus OH area that was either certified as a well inspector that would either allow me to go on an inspection or do this portion with me? Otherwise, I feel as though I should reference her to get a full professional well inspection.

Don’t know about your area, but in Minnesota, when in conjunction with a RE Transaction, the Well system needs to be Certified by a Licensed professional.

As you are new and have no experience with well inspections, absolutely you should refer it to a professional until such time as you verify your states requirements and acquire all necessary training and Certifications/Licenses (if required).

Jeffrey Jonas, thank you for your immediate response sir! I did some more research and realize if they want a fully compliant well/water test that this SHOULD be done by Certified by Licensed professional…looking forward to following your home inspector page as well sir!