well & septic inspection in Ohio

I am expanding my business into well & septic inspection. I need to know from anyone who does the same in Ohio what the requirements are. I know what to inspect, I just need to know what the State and/or county requires of an inspector to be certified and/or licensed. I am aware that you need to be bonded, but are there other state requriements?

Thanks, todd

I personally stay away from septic systems. I refer all Septic systems to a qualified septic contractor. Too many things that come back at you. The only thing I offer that are along those lines are lateral inspections and I sub those out. As far as I know there are no state requirements. Although there may local requirements.

Start here.

Local Health District and EPA Resources

For information regarding septic system installation and care in your area, please contact the following offices:
Central Office Southwest
122 South Front Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215
(614) 644-2001(Div. of Surface Water)
(614) 644-3020 (General Information)