Well Pressure Tank Rusting

Nice easy read for the consumer packed with information. I enjoyed it.


Thank you…this was my first blog on my new website…and I’m still struggling to learn the wordpress system.


One thing I learned the hard way was that a defective pressure tank can ruin or at least hasten the demise of a well pump. Our pressure tank, gauge, and switch is in the well pit so is not in a readily observable location. When our pump went out, the well company blamed it partially on the old pressure tank which was not functioning properly and caused the pump to repeatedly short cycle. I have since mounted a pressure gauge in the water line in the house so i can keep tabs on what is happening.


That’s a good point…if the bladder ruptures…but I’d hear it if it got too out of wack…hopefully…and I could only blame myself since I’m the one who installed the motor…I did think about buying one and having it on hand for that dreadful day…having a spare motor on hand is handy too I guess…

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Best to replace it now if you think it is ready to go. They blow out often without warning. If the tank fails, the pump will run and flood the area it is in and possibly run until the well is empty. Without the tank, no pressure is built up to shut the pump off. True, you may hear it happen, but not if you are not at home, on vacation, out in the field…


You make some good points…but replacing it now would interrupt my longevity test…so far 37 years…for the well x troll brand…ok, ok…I’ll see about getting a new tank the next time I’m at tractor supply…


Excellent to read