Water well - no tank visible

At today’s inspection, there was a private water well. The well was a submerged pump, but I did not find a tank, or pressure gauge.

Can this operate ‘on demand’? All I have previously seen have had a tank. ??


Hi Linda,

Yes they can operate without a pressure tank but doing so will wear out the pump much quicker with the on and off cycling. They do install buried pressure tanks, for various reasons, which is possibly what you have.

I recently read of constant pressure pumps. They are suppossed to alleviate the drop in pressure when multiple devices are used.

I don’t think they have a buried tank. This is the Texas hill country, more rocks than dirt !!

It seems like it would work the pump harder, all the extra extra off / on’s.

LOL…Yea, with mostly sand up here I sometimes forget how fortunate we are to not have to deal with endless rocks, clay, high water table, etc.:wink:

So that is why I could not find a pressure tank on my Saturday inspection!:smiley: This one had the gauge next to the cap.

In our northern climates the buried expansion tanks are insulated and located very close to the casing via the pitless adapter. The pressure switch line is filled with antifreeze and the switch is of course above grade.