Well Quality Test Kit Suggestions

Hi Guys,

I am looking for Well Quality Test Kit Suggestions ? Which testing lab etc :roll:
Your opinions on the best bang for the buck in relationship of most comprehensive, ease of use, turn around and economical.

Thank you,
Darrell Freshour

Remember, you need a testing lab in the jurisdiction of the well. Try calling the health department in your county of operation.

I agree…my county has a testing kit and will perform the test for you at a good price. Better than sending out to private lab.
Good Luck

Not entirely true. As long as the lab is state certified and can provide the tests to county requirements, you can have it done elsewhere.

Correct, Scott.

Unless the local health depart had a SPECIFIC list of approved labs, which (by law) they are permitted to restrict testing to, then any state-certified lab may be used (in the state where the well is located).