We're bringing Inspection Universe to Orlando, Florida in March of 2016.

Did you hand pick the ASHI representative?.. :joy:

He can stay in a Kissimmee 1 star motel with the Disney crowd for about $60 a night. It’s really funny that inspectors claim to make $150 an hour but cringe about hotel pricing.

That’s $150 am hour on site. They never add in drive time, report writing time, or research time. I’ll bet 90% of inspectors don’t have a clue how much they really make Make an hour or if they know their cost percentage per inspection

Here is a promo video for the FL event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mrGED05DDg

I did admit to being a cheap bastard!

Mark, I’ll pay for your hotel room.

Is this the only one for 2016. I enjoyed the one Vegas a couple of weeks ago. I won’t be able to make it to this one.

Nope, we will have Vegas as well in October of 2016.

Wow, I’m looking forward to this!

Nick, As usual you step up and offer to help, just another of the many benefits offered by this great organization. I am looking at airfares now. See you in Orlando. Thank you.

Hi, I live in the Orlando area and I am currently taking the on-line classes, so far I am into my second class, by March I hope to have a lot more completed but may not have my license by then. Since I am not yet " in the business" so-to-speak, could someone like myself attend this conference? If so, where do I get the info for costs and such?

Yes you can attend.

The info will be posted as the event nears. Just check back here.

Welcome Lawrence, good luck with your classes!!

just saw this, thanks Shawn! looking forward to attending the conference.

Any idea for the entrance fee /day or for the 4 days…

$299 very reasonable.

Is there an option to sign up for just one day?

I’ll try to put that option together for you.


Will any/all of the sessions/classes be approved by Florida DBPR for continuing ed requirements for Florida license renewals?