Inspection universe convention

ORLANDO INSPECTION UNIVERSE ROCKS!!! If you are not here you are missing big! Kudos to Nick again!


Was a really good class!! Having a great time!

I am in town till fri consulting. Anything fun going on?

I think just about all hotels are sold out up here this week. Damn leprechauns and spring breakers. At least $200 for anything decent and I do not think any are left :frowning: Good thing I am here already. Party tomorrow night?

I missed Kenton’s class attending the EMF class, which while not many attendees in that class (a lot of instructors from other classes though) was very interesting.

I would like to congratulate InterNachi and Prolab for a well orchestrated conference. Great meeting all of you guys…had a great time.

Darn missed you Brad, it was a good conference, nice to put faces and hand shakes together with MB and FB posts.

Ha, we probably passed in the halls…musta mista ya:mrgreen:

I got a hotel for three days of the conference, a three star Ramada about 7 miles away for $35 a night. I wasn’t going to pay above $200.

Sounds crazy great did you book early and how was it? Any Breakfast?

Me either. I got a nice room about a mile away for $65/night. I guess the Meeker doesn’t know about Trivago.

I started with it first then it sent me to expedia I guess I will have to try it again. Everything was sold out by the Friday before.

No breakfast, but the convention served a lite breakfast, which was fine for me.

Ahhhhhhh, I was working so I like it when I can eat when I first get up and then continue getting ready for my day. Gives me plenty of time to test the hotel’s “clean” plumbing :slight_smile:

Comfy beds are also super important. If the reviews start saying the beds suck I do not go.

I was also very close to Disney, on Spring Break and a Holiday :frowning: I am not sure where you guys were.

It was a killer time. A little late on this thread, sorry about that. It was nice meeting whoever I met. See you guys next time.

Good meeting you Travis!

For those that attended the conference… Who will be reporting the CUs to Florida DBPR. I have not heard from anybody at INACHI or ProLab… Most of us got CU’s for HI and Mold Assessor. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!. Thanks!!!

It was great meting everyone in Orlando.

Michelle is working on the certificates, they will be emailed to you as I understand.