We're developing a new IR course for real estate agents.

As you may know we’ve been releasing various inspection courses that have been approved by various Board’s of REALTORs and Real Estate Commissions for real estate agents to earn their CEs. We’re working on a new one “What Every Real Estate Agent Needs to Know about Infrared Cameras.”

Great I have presented your Course to one association will give it to two more soon as you have it Finished . Roy

Nick, as far as I know I’m the only INACHI member in NH that is using a camera, how can I get involved to teach this course?

I have a 100 slide power point presentation I have used to introduce IR to real estate agents. I am ITC Certified Building Science Thermographer and a huge advocate for education for agents. I am also one of the few Inspectors in the Atl metro area with this technology. What is involved in presenting the NACHI presentation?