I Will Promote Your IR To Realtors

I have had several inspectors who are putting together some Realtor
meetings and they want me to come to their area and teach the
Realtors about thermal imaging. At the same time, I am promoting
these inspectors as the local infrared expert while at the Realtor class.
I also give these inspectors the platform, so they can make their

This helps the Realtors (because this course is approved for 4 hours
CE in some states - more states on the way)… and it helps the inspector
who makes the presentation of his IR services during the class.

If you would like to be one of the inspectors who works with me
in bringing this infrared class to the realtors in your area, then
contact me.

See our “Realtor Course” page by clicking the link at the top of our
main page, or just go directly to it by clicking here.

A Realtors Guide To
Thermal Imaging
**[FONT=Times New Roman][FONT=Courier New].
**[/FONT]What To Expect From Inspectors Who Use It