We're doing several huge promotions of CMIs starting 2017. CMI-up your websites.

Make sure your websites have your Certified Master Inspector logo on them. www.certifiedmasterinspector.org/logos We’re going to be launching some powerful campaigns that promote CMIs starting in January.

Already done. Will be improved also shortly.

Already Use it!

Yep! Me to.


I’m looking forward to it. Great!

Is the CMI “promotion” going to include stating that CIE is bogus?


No. There are a lot of popcorn fart designations out there. Home inspector’s can’t call themselves “experts” anyway. Your attorney can explain why. Besides, even without all the promotion we do of CMIs, those three little words are self-evident to every consumer who reads them: “CERTIFIED MASTER INSPECTOR”… the best of the best.

I have the CMI logo proudly displayed on every page MrHomeInspections.ca

That’s all BS. They can and they are and you are doing nothing to help stop it even though it Directly is Damaging to all CMI’s and the CMI designations credibility itself.

Nathan Thornberry copies many or your Ideas, twists them up, lies and ruins your original good work yet you always let him do what he wants. WHY ?
Is it true that Nathan Thornberry is Nick Gromicko’s superior? ? say it isn’t so and do something for once about his BS.


It’s a free country. Any nitwit can make a logo and there will always be some home inspectors stupid enough to falsely claim that they are “experts” by using it.

OK, I’ll agree with that, but still sure would like if you took some action like you do in other things like this as mentioned.

Anyway, I am a Very Proud CMI, you have no Idea how much I have done/used the designation to increase 50 fold my business, and credibility. Not only is it on all my websites *I love the new Instructor logo) But I am the only CMI in the world with the Logo professionally laminated in to my lag prostatic (Not cheap either).


Very cool Jim!!!

Nice. Thanks Nick!

According to the link it cot canceled 2 days ago :slight_smile:

Like anything, someone will come up with another designation. ASHI can come up with “Certified Expert Master Inspector” Who gives a popcorn fart as nick labeled it. I am a CMI and proud of it. Thanks Nick for promoting this in 2017.

I would say this qualifies as having the logo upfront and in your face.

Have it, use it and it is a great sales incentive, as is the “We’ll buy back your home” guarantee! BOTH are on my website and BOTH work very well!

Great stuff Nick!

When I became a CMI I put out some rack marketing cards that Nick gave me.

I only did this once and was busy ever since, best marketing tool ever and I am proud to have earned it as well.

Thanks Nick

Jim, I did the same thing in the spring of 2016. Placed dozens of brochure racks with the CMI rack card, all with my business card attached. No increase in business.

Dan Bowers and several of us CMI’s here in KC promote the CMI designation, but most every REA here in KC do not use us. REA’s here think that CMI means that we write detailed reports, and have a good chance of alarming the home buyer of walking away from the RE transaction: and we do. We serve the home buyer; not the REA.

Cheap, non-alarmist, non-insured, mostly new ASHI guys rule here, and the REA’s love them due to basic, low cost, quick and short reporting. It is all reverse here. Since July, my business here got so low that I just went ahead and retired, and closed my business. It was just not cost efficient for me to continue. I hope, and I believe it is the reverse in other cities. REA’s and the KCRAR have forms that release them from any litigation, sell the homes AS IS, and point to the inspector if there is a problem after closing. The newbies put up with it, wag their tails, and will not resist the REA strong-arming.