We're forming the InterNACHI Foundation next week.

We’re forming the InterNACHI Foundation next week.

The new non-profit foundation will provide scholarships and grants to sons, daughters, spouses, and other family members of existing InterNACHI members who desire to enter the inspection profession. The money will be used to help them acquire training, marketing, tools, reporting software and insurance.

More details coming soon.

Cool. My 14 year old son wants to start when he gets out of high school.

Awesome. We’ll have everything ready for him.


Very cool idea Nick!

I would have liked for there to be something like this when my sons were helping me on inspections.

This stuff just keeps blowing my mind.

My 25 year old son has been inspecting for me for 3 years; his plan was to join me since high school. He started with a 2 year degree in Architectural Technology and then got a bachelors degree in Technical Management (We are business men and home inspectors). He then went through the entire required NACHI education to satisfy his State License requirements. He passed his state exam first try. This new NACHI program is a great way to get some young people into this industry to replace us old fat guys. We missed on getting some of the benefits of this coming program but I am happy for those who will get to benefit.

Very Nice. You guys and gals just keep blowing my mind away.

So, I am assuming this is a replacement for the now defunct* “Nachi Foundation”* of years gone by?

Details, Details. LOL. :mrgreen:

Always wanting the facts. :wink:

Much is scattered about and or archived. Best to do a Google search for “Nachi Foundation” (use quotation marks).
Here is one such thread from 2007 discussing a new Logo contest… https://www.nachi.org/bbsystem/viewtopic.php?t=17289&PHPSESSID=73b9b388f0cdb58362df1dbef719e822

Yep. We haven’t had a foundation to provide scholarships to inspection students in many years and with the coming of our accredited college degree program, we’ll need one. Our marketing department is coming up with some logo concepts. Mark and Jeff are working on getting us a 501©3 established. Inspector Outlet is working on ways to fund it.

Whatever happened to the Smoke Alarm program for the hearing impaired that Paul Sabados was Chairman of?

I don’t know. I remember they gave out a ton of smoke alarms though. They were working with the Fire Marshall’s Office if I recall. They did a lot of good things back then. Fund raising was always an issue for them, but I think we’ve figured out how to fund The InterNACHI Foundation in perpetuity.

I have the youngest potential home inspector. At 3 years old, my daughter watches me review pics at the dinner table for reports and can tell if the pictures were taken in an attic or in the crawlspace.

Nice. InterNACHI’s CEO Chris Morrell (now 32) did his first inspection with me at age 15.