We're closer to being able to offer an accredited college degree in inspections.

Any InterNACHI course you’ve taken will count toward the degree: www.nachi.org/education.htm

Still jumping through hoops. I’ll keep everyone posted.

does this mean getting a degree and becoming licensed as a city building inspector?

Would this also mean that these courses would be able to be applied as college credit to finish a current degree.

I can’t see any of the current courses being worth more than a credit with most being like half a credit. Are you creating more?

Excellent !


140 courses worth 1/2 credit each will net 80 credits. Associates degrees are typically only 61 credits.

NACHI should include some business courses. 24 accredited business credits are critical for some careers, outside of Home Inspections.

Business education is critical for many business owners, including one man and multi-inspector inspection firms.

Being the only HI association to offer business training would be quite a feather in our caps.

Joe I was being generous with 1/2 a credit

Make This Happen!!!

Sounds great, Awesome Job as usual Nachi Staff!

I do not know 1 hour in the real world should = 3 months of college

So what are you up to now, 45 minutes? :wink: