Wesco forced air furnace

Hey, I admit I’m a newbie and I probably deserve and will benefit from these unusual discoveries… but. Anyone seen this configuration before and what do you think? Yes, that is a photo taken from the crawl space of the heating elements. The air passed directly over the elements into the “wonderfully warm” crawl space. (85 degrees for the living space to maintain 75). The foundation walls were completely covered in the fashion shown with R-19 and as such unobserved for structural issues.





Hi to all,

Randie, that is a somewhat typical downdraft electric furnace (all be it a small one) do I understand you correctly that this set up effectively used the crawl space as the supply plenum ?? if so that is all wrong.

Also what type of home was it in? this configuration is normally only seen in manufactured housing units.



Yes, Gerry, the whole crawl space is the plenum. This is an 1980 stick built in a small development and appears to have twins in the area. Thank you, and green squares to ya’.

Not to mention accessible live parts above flammable surfaces.

Sorry guys I come from the old school that would not fly in my world. I have heard of this before probally on this board. Suppppooose to be duct work no ifs, ands, or Butts.

I know of no city inspectors that would allow this if a permit was obtained.