West Virginia Has Approved InterNACHI's Home Inspector Pre-Licensing Class

West Virginia Office of the State Fire Marshal has approved InterNACHI’s Home Inspector Pre-Licensing Class for home inspector certification.

InterNACHI… the most approved inspection courses on earth: www.nachi.org/approved.htm

Is your COE approved?..LMAO…


WV doesn’t approve COEs… only courses. I don’t think any state approves COEs.

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Nope. Sorry.

Let me help you again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kK62tfoCmuQ

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Not following you. I’m not good at riddles.

What do you mean?

I don’t understand what you are talking about.

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…means or what that song has to do with West Virginia approving our pre-licensing courses.

Oh Yes you do. You also thought you knew how to dance, but you tripped and fell on your face, and let the games begin. I’m out of this thread, but keep your eyes open… Wide open, and if you don’t already you may consider reading the news papers and maybe even watching the news…lol


In the inspection industry… InterNACHI creates the news: http://www.nachi.org/whats_new.htm Everywhere else is just talk. InterNACHI is the action in the industry.

Your too funny, hilarious in fact. You make up your own rules in your own sand box, but in the whole playground, you are a tiny pea in a pod, which is used to make squashed pea soup… Things are far bigger than you the pea in the whole sandbox. Read, watch, and think about your actions (or lack thereof) as the ball begins to roll !!! …LMAO

Sweet Dreams for now…

I’m not sure if you mean me or InterNACHI. If you mean me at InterNACHI… I agree. We now have 31 staffers and 13,400+ members in North America alone. I’m only one person here.

But if you mean InterNACHI… I certainly disagree. In the inspection industry, InterNACHI completely dominates. More governmental approvals, more membership benefits, more business success tools, more publications, more marketing programs, more courses, more articles, more traffic, more vendor deals, more message board posts, and more bla bla bla than the entire rest of the industry combined. We’re the first trade association (in any industry, not just inspections) that wrapped the globe with operations in some 65 countries.

InterNACHI is now about 95% of the entire inspection industry (and growing). When I went to grade school, if I got 95%… the teacher gave me an A.

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Unlike you, we don’t make careless mistakes just too look good to others, so you will find out soon enough, like a surprise party from all sides…LMAO all for an Idiot named Roy Lewis who clearly broke your own code of ethics and all that was needed was an apology and a month time out. Lets see how that works out for you…LMAO…


Sounds like something personal between you and he. You’re off thread topic. I recommend you call him on the phone.

Wrong again, it’s between me and you now. You love to attempt to cover up and hide crimes, but not this time. your crap won’t work. Go back and read your emails specifically the headlines I wrote…haha I tried several times to give you an out, but you choose to play your games again, so you get to loose. A few posts ago you mention your play box of 14k members, you know my play box has millions of members who will love this story…


I can delete a post if you think it is harming your inspection business, but that’s the most I can do for you. I don’t really get involved between personal fights between members. I’m not your referee.