I'm typing this from the Ft. Lauderdale, FL home inspector/mold licensing meeting.

Bruce Grant from the Department opened by explaining that in part, the department represents the Governor and “it is not the Governor’s intent to put anyone out of business.”

Great Job Nick. We should of mentioned that Realtors are able to take a approved online class for there 63 hours. Cooke Real Estate for example http://www.cookeschool.com/ does it online and you take the quiz and test online. The state says its ok then why not InterNACHI.

The department has not approved any courses yet. I have no doubt that InterNACHI’s courses will be the first to be approved, and retroactively (giving credit to InterNACHI members who have already taken them). Of this I’m sure.

The department’s Bruce Grant explaining (for the first time BTW) that there isn’t real “grandfathering” in the bill, although the legislators put the “grace period” under a clause titled “grandfathering.” And because of this, it will be likely that everyone expecting to be grandfathered will have to comply with the licensing requirements (and that is actually what the law says), and so everyone will have to take the 120 hours unless the law is amended.

Im all for Everyone taking No Exceptions having to take the 120 hours, and the test. But Would love to see after July 2010 All after that have to work under a company for a min of 1 year or 2 just like appraisel has to. I can still do inspections after class and on weekends to stay alive during that time.

You can listen to the meeting over the phone.

Hey Greg, Good Comments Yesterday. Im listening now.
Call-in telephone number if you cannot attend and wish to listen to the meeting is 1-888-808-6959. The conference code is 9226020.

Hey Michael,

Nice to see you here.

Just as I thought. They will push out the date until 2011 or beyond.

Member Jay Schwartz speaking now and hammering the mini-Minneapolis association. Telling everyone in the room, and on the public record, about all the sleazy stuff the mini-Minneapolis association has done in the past to harm the industry in Florida.

How is the turn out?

Standing room only. About 20 people standing. 150 in attendance roughly. InterNACHI shirts everywhere again.

BRAVO Nick!!!

Is this a different lady from the DBPR than we had in Orlando?

She just answered my question.

No, same lady.

I just spoke and hammered home the point that the U.S. Department of Education (which oversees a few classrooms BTW), released the results of their 12 year study in a 93-page report that basically says online education is better than classroom education.

Department just admitted that unless there is an amendment to the law, department rule making will not change the 120-hour course requirement. Everyone will need 120 hours. Everyone.

Jay Schwartz hammering mini-Minneapolis association again as being the only 1 of 4 of the associations in Florida (ASHI, FABI, InterNACHI, mini-Minneaopolis association), that actively lobbied to permit contractors to offer inspections via the “prior to closing” language.

You can’t see it unless you were here, but all 3 department reps were nodding their heads as if they know that is a repair they have to make.

That is good news.

Nice job Jay!!!

Department now explaining that although there is a good moral character clause in the law, there isn’t specifically a background check, and that they know that might have to be repaired.