Westinghouse D2S 15TA meter AMP?

The home owner upgrade his main panel to 150AMPs. There is a new 1/0 conduit to the meter. I’m suspect the meter is limited to 100 AMPs and I need help to confim meter capcity. If 100 AMP want to make recommendations to upgrade to 200 AMP. Welcome comments.

If wire is copper, it can service up to 175 amps. Reference Table 310.15(B)(6)of the NEC.

To determine meter capacity, examine the meter and meter base and take them into account. The elements to consider are:

  1. The size/rating of the service entrance conductors.
  2. The rating of the panel.
  3. The rating of the main breaker, if any.
  4. The rating of the meter base.
  5. The rating of the meter.

The weakest or smallest of these five items will determine the service ampacity of the system.

While the meter-base may limit service size, the meter-rating has no bearing on the service capacity of the system. The meter rating identifies the capacity to which the meter has been calibrated.

I regularly see old, “15 amp” meters on modern 200 amp services.

I doubt that the conduit is 1/0. 1/0 is a size for a conductor. Proper terminology helps greatly. Knowing the conductor material makes a difference too.

If the meter is utility owned then it’s their responsibility to install the proper meter.
Like Jeff said item #5 doesn’t really matter, and it will not change the size of the service.

The conductor is 1/0 Copper.

As James mentioned 310.15(B)(6) allows you to used reduced size conductors for 120/240 volt, 3-wire, single phase dwelling services and feeders. #1/0 Cu conductors are good for up to 175 amps in this application.

Curious as to why you think that a 100 amp service might require an upgrade to 200 amps?