Challenger Panel

OK. Several issues for electrical guru but will keep it simple. Is this the “bad” Challenger panel? Wiring is a problem, outlet, etc, etc. Its predicessor is in the other picture. This was a home built in 1840 with so many levels of upgrades and additions over the years that I was having trouble keeping track of what was what.


I’ve never heard that there are “bad” Challenger panels. I assume you’re referring to design issues, or inherent problems with a particular panel or manufacturer.

Other than the grounding and grounded conductors sharing terminal screws, nothing sticks out as a problem in that panel.

Is the knob and tube wiring energized? That alone would get me to reccomend an Electrician.

Thanks. I ran across docs that Challenger panel manufactured by FPE that was one of the “bad” ones. This one looked like Westinghouse (old and dirty label); panel itself looked ok though. No, the K&T has the wiring cut at the panel; all the insulators and stuff are still there though and there’s a ton of the old wiring still strung around that had me a little leary at first, all dead though.

Just FYI, the main breaker is a Zinsco/Sylvania design :frowning: which BTW Challenger is a successor to, I would not loose sleep over it but just a sign that lowballers were at work.