Wet Locations

I know we have had this discussion before. How many say this light switch is located in a WET location? That is a SPA tub in photo. No shower head.

ENJOY!! Thanks!

Hi Buck,

code says that it cannot be within the footprint of the tub, that one clearly is, funnily enough had they used a 2 gang switch in the left side of the box it would have been OK.




The local AHJ said it was OK!! I wrote it anyway.


Buck, local AHJ may say it is ok, but you can always write it up as a safety IMPROVEMENT. By the time your area adapts that code, your client may be looking to sell, and it amy be noted inthat report. good call.

The local AHJ also said it was OK for a condo I was inspecting to have the main disconnect outside, several hundred yards away from the unit, with the inside main distribution panel that had about 30 breakers with no nearby common disconnect(s). Wrote it up anyways as a safety upgrade recommendation.

(1) Readily Accessible Location. **The service disconnecting
means shall be installed at a readily accessible location
either outside of a building or structure or inside nearest the
point of entrance of the service conductors.

The underlined portion has been debated for years…how far outside is not acceptable…nothing says it has to be on the structure itself and so on…many AHJ’s look at it differently…

Does the remote main disconnect have the ability to be locked, this is where the location within sight would play in to this. The 6 throws of the hand would not be relevant to the sub panel location. Also always in question is the distance inside the dwelling you can go before placement of the disconnect must be placed.