Hot Tub wiring question?

Does an exterior spa (wired to a 50 amp double pole GFCI breaker in the distrubution panel inside the home) require a disconnect near the tub. I have heard yes and no. Can someone give me the correct answer and NEC code?

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No. NEC 680.62

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Why SURE we can…lol…

Art 680.12 States the unit MUST have a Maintenance Disconnecting Means.

So in short…Yes…it needs the disconnect…

JEFF…big difference between a Therapeutic Tubs covered in 680.62 and standard SPA and Hot Tubs covered in Art 680 and appended in 680.40 IV

Now then this rule 680.12 was added because of the death of a small child!

Yep…covered that article above joe in my first reply…:slight_smile:

I did give the wrong code reference (my apologies), however, my interpretation of the question was whether or not an additional disconnect was needed.

I was on my way out the door and did not give much info. If the panel is within sight of the spa equipment, no additional disconnect is required, correct?

Damn Jeff, that’s the first time i’ve seen you get proven wrong…almost.

I thought I was wrong once. . .

But I was mistaken :smiley:

Actually…jeff he did not state anything about the main panel being within sight or near the tub. The general question was if a disconnect is required and the answer is yet. It was made more clear in 2002 NEC to remove the issues of the lighting receptacles and so on to narrow it down to service issues and safety.

Hey brother…we all can be wrong once…You more than make up for it in your ZINCO lessons…:slight_smile:

Ahh…I got ya…on your question…well the code specifically says : Each means shall be accessible and within sight from it’s equipment.

The intent of the disconnection means to be installed within sight of the spa and hot tub ( pool for that matter ) to allow service personnel to disconnect the power while servicing these units. This requirement ensures that a disconnect is available at all times to workers servicing and equipment such as motors, heaters and control panels. This was revised from previous NEC sections in the 2002 NEC.

The idea is…is your panel TRULY in sight and if so…is it ALWAYS accessible in all cases…what if the door is locked, you can’t be their when it is being serviced and well the list can go on. The concept of putting the disconnect within sight of the unit means it is always accessible…without the chance of it not being accessible…Hope that explains it better.

Every spa maufacturer states in their installation manuals that there must be a disconnect readily accessible to the spa occupants, but installed at least 5 feet from the spa.

They also reference 422.20 and 680.42.


Yep…guess the answer was in the MAIN question…is a disconnect required…and as answered…YES…:slight_smile:

And yes it gets more detailed but the CODE haters usualy hate for us to go into to much detail…thehehe…

so if it’s in a “house” or incloser then it’s out of sight no mater how far away it is, but accross the driveway could be considered “accessible”, and at least 5 feet away, but what about the cars parked between service guy and controls. i know, now i’m reaching, but that’s how “codes” got started in the first place, all the "what if"s.

I have seen the disconnects as a GFCI receptacle behing the access panel of the unit.

The other asumption is that the township, or state, is using a version of the electrical code where this requirement is stated.

Can anynone tell me if I can set my hot tub outside aginst the wall that my meter is on, it will be about 2’ from it?


The meter is not considered a switching device so I do not see any viiolation in that installation except for the fact you need clearance from other things that may be on that wall…any electrical outlets on that wall…if so then that would be a problem…but otherwise a meter can is not a switching device…but it would need clearance for the POCO to work safely and their may be an issue in the NESC code…someone else will have to look on that as I dont deal with POCO codes.

However it does bring up a Bonding Issue…

**(D) Bonding. **The following parts shall be bonded together:
(1) All metal fittings within or attached to the spa or hot
tub structure
(2) Metal parts of electrical equipment associated with the
spa or hot tub water circulating system, including pump
(3) Metal conduit and metal piping that are within 1.5 m
(5 ft) of the inside walls of the spa or hot tub and that
are not separated from the spa or hot tub by a permanent
(4) All metal surfaces that are within 1.5 m (5 ft) of the inside
walls of the spa or hot tub and that are not separated from
the spa or hot tub area by a permanent barrier