WETT Certification

To whom it my concern;

 We are looking to have a wood stove retrofit done.  There isn't, currently, a fresh air intake in our chimney structure.  The local WETT agent we are dealing with told us that the fresh air intake pipe can't be directed into our attic space. which has air vents installed in it.  These vents are equal approximately 14, of the usual 4" air intake vents that get installed to the outside of the house which as I understand are like a dryer vent,  with a screen.  So, in essence the roof has 14 times the air flow capacity of a single air intake installed through the outside of the house, which in our case is only supplying a stove that requires a two inch air intake.

 Can an air intake be directed into the attic space as long as it has the necessary screening to exclude animals and foreign objects from getting into it?

Depends on local jurisdiction, and manufacturers recommendations, stoves that are designed to use an outside air source have a place to attach a duct . Is it an insert or freestanding? I have seen combustion air coming from the attic for pre fab fireplaces, but typically when needed with wood stoves I see it coming from the crawlspace in a sealed chamber.