Possible fresh air intake for chimney?

I was wondering if anyone could tell me what this is in the picture attached. I am currently taking the classes to become certified and I could not find any other example of what this might be. I posted the picture for the inspection exercise part of the course calling it apron flashing for the chimney with an integrated vent for the roof system. I now think it may be an intake vent for the chimney. If anyone can clarify what this is please let me know, I would like to be able to correctly identify such a system component in the future.

Typically, an intake for the chimney would be lower down near the firebox. It doesn’t serve much purpose so high up. Could you see from inside the attic? I could possibly see where it is for roof venting depending on the configuration of the roof structure.

Note: Using the “fisheye” with your pole-cam is not a good idea. It distorts the photo and gives false issues. Get in lots of practice using your HiDef/HiRes settings.

Is it possible they are just ventilation vents for a manufactured chimney chase enclosure.

The roof structure inside is cathedral ceilings. The ceiling is tongue and groove set on rafters that are spaced 48" on center. Not sure what the roof sheathing is (haven’t done the full inspection on my place), but there is about a 4-inch space in between the tongue and groove and whatever the sheathing is. There is fascia venting that is right on the space in between the ceiling tongue and groove and the sheathing, but no ridge venting; so that is why I assumed it was venting for the roof system. This area is technically a desert (high elevation Montana) in a small ski town so it is a chalet style condo.

I am thinking you are right Jeffery and it is not the intake for the chimney and that it is either roof system venting or for the manufactured chimney system. Most of the places in the complex have original fireplaces, mine has a wood burning stove insert, but as far as I have seen all places have this vent on the chimneys.

Thank you too Marcel, I think you may be right. Maybe also a combination of both the chimney chase enclosure and the roof system?