What a big miss by THE "Deal Killer"!

Got a call from a woman who was buying a condo. The building had split-faced block.

Her original inspector (known as THE DEAL-KILLER. People in our area will know who I am talking about.) called out the split faced and warned her about it. She was concerned and called me because I am known as a specialist with regards to split-faced and water intrusion problems.

I went out to consult on this. Tested the block and mortar with a MATS tube and scanned (thermal) the interior. No real problems, the builder had the block sealed.

But, I just was looking around and stumbled on this.

All the back porch joists (4 story wooden back porch) were supported by metal hangers, BUT all these hangers were screwed, not nailed.

I was very surprised because this inspector is, usually, VERY thorough. I pointed it out the the client (lawyer, works for a Federal Judge).


Nice catch.

I know this guy. Do you think I should call him and let him know?

I would if you’re on friendly terms.

As long as you are not using it to rub in his face he would probably be glad you told him.

The only thing I know is we all miss things here and there, but do not think we do because other wise we would have them in the report.

I guarantee that we could take turns doing Inspections behind each other and every single one of us would find something the other missed.

This is a good opportunity for him to see what he may be overlooking on a regular basis.

Another thing to be on the lookout for. Every week I see hangers with 1.5" nails in the shear holes. If the nail has a “10” on it, then it’s a 1.5" nail…too short. Often you’ll see roofing nails. Just whatever is in the pouch I guess.

shear nailing2.jpg shear nailing.jpg

shear nailing2.jpg

shear nailing2.jpg

Of course, I would just call him to mention it for his education, not to rub it in. I like the guy and have subbed (thermal) to him a couple of times.

Except for the screws that porch looks well built.
Much better than the diamond plate ice rink next door.

Hope they have the drill bits .

I though YOU were the “Deal Killer”?

I heard you tried to disparage an entire block of condos.:mrgreen:

But seriously, If I were thinking quickly (which I’m usually not). I would have NOT pointed it out to the client because it’s not part of the scope. And I would call the inspector to tell him about it so he could update his report.


I would have pointed it out to the inspector at the earliest convenience and not the client.

Even though proper nails should have been used, that deck shouldn’t be going anywhere soon but your friendship with that inspector may…

Some hanger mfg (i.e. Simpson) allow screws if specified by an Engineer of Record. Due to the size and complexity of that deck I would make sure that was not the case before calling it out to anyone. Any construction documents available?

Hey, what would have happened if I didn’t pointy it out and there had been a porch collapse. Chicago is famous for them, if you remember.

Besides, I told the client to talk to the condo assocation. It is their responsibility to fix, isn’t it?

The guy was glad I called and gave him the heads up. I told him that I told the client, but he was just inspecting the condo unit, not the whole building. I also explained this to the client, and she understood.

Everyone happy.

Are you kidding me! This is Chicago! Only 14 inspectors (now) in the whole city (population, about 9.6 Mil).

They just tightened up access to the building records, as well. People other than the owners have to have a court order. This is not so much to protect the owner’s privacy, but to protect the city and keep snoopy reporters from writing those silly stories about the corrupt building department. :mrgreen:

Go figure. From Obama’s own home town. Who’d a thunk it?

Besides, it was a 11 year old building.


You seem to be making a big deal of this What a big miss by THE "Deal Killer and I don’t think it is even though you are right about the defect.

Remember, he was just inspecting the condo unit and you weren’t…

Here’s something to think about…
Say they remove the screws and install nails in the pilot holes, will the nails hold properly now?

I would tell him, it may have been one of his hired inspectors, He does not do all of his inspections anymore.

Hey I assumed it was you…:shock:

No He keeps asking me to work for him, I have a goal to be the next in line to have RE agents use me for the own personal deals only.

I was hoping to hire both of you.:wink:

How was the Christmas party if I am allowed to publicly use that term now in days.

Point taken, and I stand corrected.

I was just tickled that I found something that this guy didn’t.

But, given my previous post, I should have heald him to the same stnandards I work to.

I appologize.