What about 1-1/2 story houses insulation?

How well can you insulate these small 1-1/2 story houses?
Here’s the work the last owner was doing, he was a cabinet maker but seem to have a break down and the whole house has deteriorated.
So would they need to so much work in that room leak? rot?
See the outside is missing some eavesdrop, inside the small out porch you can see the rot.
Otherwise the houses seems okay.

You have to insulate to ceiling like any vaulted ceiling. Then the knee walls should be insulated well and if there is room behind there add an air barrier. Then add blocking under the upper walls between the lower ceiling joists to prevent the attic air from going under between the two floors. Caulk or foam around the blocking. Then insulate the lower ceiling.

yes thanks, but what do you think about that rot in the front foyer? What do you think about these metal roofs? What do you think about the work he’s done? They are giving my big discount on this fixer up.
Is it possible there is a lot more wrong with it?
How can i tell if there is more rot?


Many things can be repaired or replaced. It is a matter of time and cost. If you are serious about the property, I would recommend booking a home inspection. Keep in mind that new repairs can often conceal problems from view and that a home inspection is non-destructive, not technically exhaustive and time limited by its very nature.

A home inspection sure will help answer your questions and minimize your risks.

Best of luck with your home.