What about this stringer?

Any thoughts about this stringer? It seems to be a little “thin” in some areas as if it was cut into too much.


Little hard to tell from the size of the pic, but it appears the stringer is a 2x10" or 12" with the same for the tread. Wasn’t much they could probably do about the rise, so that’s the cut required ( unless the “over cut” badly ) How did they “feel”? walking on them. If they were a little bouncy, I’d recommend adding an intermidiate support of some type. Also, how was the railing height?

The rail height was ok, and the stairs did not feel bouncy. Just after getting down them I looked and became curious as to if there are specific requirements/limits on stringers.


Looks like 3 ½ minimum.

Thanks you everyone. that picture is what I was looking for.

Unless that picture does me no justice, it does not meet Code.

The riser ratio to the tread width is unbalanced and the 3 1/2" throat requirement does not seem to be existing.
Measure the riser height and the tread width, and it should not be more than 7 3/4" x 10".

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: