What am I missing

Something doesnt look right…Can anyone help?

This is the best/only photo I have…copper pipe at condensor/furnace in garage…the refrigerant lines are on the side. Im guessing something pretty simple but my brain checked out today.

Looks like the secondary drain. Needs to be piped or capped.

Yep thats what it looks like

Cap it!

the secondary drain is a backup to see if the piped drain is clogged. If you see water coming out of the secondary drain the system is clogged and repair is needed. This should only be capped if it can damage a finished surface.

Can’t see it here, however these coils are very often located above a gas-fired furnace and water flowing into the furnace will destroy it!

If you don’t use it, put a cap on it.

We don’t need to be blowing air into an unconditioned space either.