Drones for new inspectors

How all,

I’m a new inspector in Arizona and I’m looking for guidance on what drone I should buy. Can anyone post some recommendations? Thanks for your help!


Welcome Aaron!

Before I bought mine, I Googled “best drones for home inspections” and there were many articles and opinions listing top 10 etc. A hand full to choose from and in varying price range.

I personally went with the DJI brand and have been happy so far. It is the Mavic Pro that I bought on eBay. Used model with hard case 3 batteries etc. for a little over $600.00. Felt like it was the best brand with the features I wanted to get started with and could upgrade later if needed.


A big drone salesman and heavy drone enthusiast I talk to said really a mavic mini will do everything home inspector needs. I bought one and I totally agree. however depending on what other advanced features you want you can definitely spend more.


Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the response. How is the drone holding up? Do you feel like you need to upgrade?

Thanks Chase. I appreciate it.

It’s working fine for me now. I only use it when I can’t get to or see higher areas of the roof. The only thing I will consider upgrading to is the loom lens for the camera. I can get relatively close and take pics, but still need to edit them to zoom in further. The ones with zoom lens are much better, but more in price.

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Ok. Good to know. Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving!

Look at the reviews and specs for the Mini 2. The video is 4K and rivals the Inspire.


I like the reviews of the Mavic Mini & Mini 2.

And, welcome to our forum, Aaron!..Enjoy! :smile:

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Hi Larry,

Thank you. I appreciate it. Do you use one of those drones?

I played with a friends Mavic Mini for a couple of weeks and it was stable in the wind, easy to maneuver, had and excellent camera and lighter than the requirements for a license, less the prop guards.

I’m retired now but would get one of those, in a minute, if I wanted to use one, Aaron.

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Without any doubt, save some money for Mavic pro or equal quality and technology drones. It will really pay back with quality high resolution, clear pictures. Confident when sending out in windy weather conditions. My drone is the first version of Mavic pro, newer versions have back and front obstacle sensors which is the best thing you can get from drone technology.

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Thank you Huseyin. I appreciate it. I’ll look into that.

I have the Mavic Mini, and the device is awesome. You can go on YouTube and find many videos showcasing the quality of the images and video the camera puts out, it is outstanding.

It is very light weight and it flies great.

The main issue I saw posters say about it was that it doesn’t handle itself in the wind as well as its more expensive sister crafts. Personally, I have not seen an issue with any winds I have flown it in, so I don’t see a problem there.

I recommend the Mavic Mini wholeheartedly.

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I uses the Mavic Pro also. Comes with 3 batteries as Thomas said. Totally satisfied.

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Mavic mini with gimbal

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Thanks Charles. I appreciate it.

Thank you Michael. I appreciate the input.

You have to account for return on investment. Changing of technology how long you gonna use it.
IMHO something with open blades can be a problem.

Mavic mini is .49 in weight. Still need to fly under 107 rules.

Inspection you are not going to be flying high.
Roof Inspections you have to account for wind carefully.

Have fun

Mavic pro here. Get your license with FAA. Agree with comments about zoom lens. I use it all the time and still get on roofs that I able to. It sees things on eaves and gables that,you cant see even if you are on the roof.

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