What are the most common Issues/Defects in FL?

Hello everyone - Sarasota student here:

What are the most common, reoccurring issues that are found in Florida houses? I am currently going through my training and it seems like there can be about 1 million things that COULD be wrong so I wanted to get a real-world idea of what is commonly found.

My area is lots of 1500 square foot ranch houses from the 1960s as well as lots of newer homes in the McMansion style.


There’s no real answer to this. If you can think of it then it could happen.

That’s easy…expert DIYer homeowners

Just about everything, except snow covered roofs.:cool:

I live in southeast Ga and we have the same problems

Anything and everything? Guess I’ll keep my eyes open.

You and I are located in about the same area. From the insurance inspection industry the most common defects with our area of homes is a lot of stucco cracks and wood rot in wood frame construction. Also in our area of Sarasota there are a lot of oak trees. So tree limbs overhanging the roof.