What Regular Issues Do You See In Your Geographic Area?

I watched Lon Henderson’s video lecture on Foundation Cracks and he made a comment that an issue he sees a lot in Colorado is Corner Wedge Cracks.

I would love to hear what issues you see regularly that relate to your part of the World. I think it would be great for all inspectors to be exposed to issues they may not be familiar with but could run into!

Florida termites!
Broken cement roof tiles /roof shingles damaged, worn, missing
Usually from our wind storms/hurricanes
Electrical panels double tapped terminals

I estimate approx 80% of homes have:
non-approved mylar foil clothes dryer transition vents
dishwasher drain line missing the high loop
**Am I the only one who has sink stoppers that are operative? :cowboy_hat_face:


I often see:

  1. poor grading around the foundation perimeter, 80%+
  2. decks with with substandard construction and design, 80%+
  3. no drip edge on roofs, 70%+
  4. Substandard insulation (even accounting for home age), 70%+
  5. Issues causing excess moisture in crawlspace, 70%+
  6. Bathroom ventilation incorrect, 70%+

Great question Saman!

Every region and jurisdiction is different. Some having been regulated for many years, and others that still are not (believe it or not).

I live in area that there were no regulations until around 2006. Even now there is nothing we inspect that is against local “codes” and have to be corrected. Just have to state how things are done today as opposed to how it was done then and let the client decide.

For me;

Mainly deck construction with inadequate support.

Improper vapor retarder or sub flooring insulation.

Plumbing including “S Traps” and lack of AAV’s.

Interior heating sources. (Flues running where they wanted them to go…)

Not heat in the Outhouse (think that was optional)


big lakes

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I am pretty sure that was updated in the 2021 IPC :laughing: (International Potty Code)

OMG the INSANITY!!! :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: How do you handle all of that Larry?

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Careful it is contagious… :crazy_face:

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Evaporative coolers, carports, cactus, FPE panels, no basements, slump and adobe block

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Thanks for the reply! I think it’s crazy you see those same issue that often!

Items like the drip edge seem like a no-brainer to install!

Drip edge may not be required in some areas even though it is highly recommended. Most AHJs in Colorado for example require ice and water shield to be used on the first course of roofing underlayment nowadays, but a lot of roofing contractors still don’t install it, to save themselves money. Sad thing is that most that do install it don’t do it correctly.

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This is 100% my exact same list. But for me:
Grading 90%
Decks 98%
Drip edge 90%
Insulation 99%
Crawlspace 99%
Bathroom 60%

It’s so horrible up here. For the insulation, I get calls from the LA’s complaining that “it was adequate when the house was built.” I always reply with “no seatbelts were adequate in the 50’s but we’ve improved that haven’t we?” It’s a fun convo every time haha.


It’s really surprising that y’all see so many of the same issues regularly!

Wood rot around exterior light fixtures, electrical outs, under windows, framing under doors, framing behind deck ledgers, ECT, mostly from improper installations. And then comes the carpenter ants enjoying the moisture-laded wood. Yummy. :grinning:


Another issue I see a lot but only write up when it is an issue is wood siding less than 4" above the ground. I see it A TON but only write it up when my moisture meter goes off. Most houses I inspect are 15 years old plus so, if it ain’t moist after 15 years it’s not really an issue enough for me to justify writing it up. But I do say something about it to my clients.

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