what are these

Hello all,

I inspected this home the other day, built in 1876, and came accross these at the electrical panel. The one on the top left went to the well pump and the other under the panel was just there. Any ideas?




Pics are too small. Any markings on the device?

It appears to be some sort of solenoid valve for the pumps power maybe???

The one under the panel is a lightning arrestor…not sure what that is on the side…some of the old timers will have to look and see what that is…lol…I have no idea unless it is some type of presure switch or something…and if so not sure I like it connected to the panel.

I’m with Paul, the second (higher) one certainly looks like a presure switch I have just never seen one mounted o a panel like that.



I agree it looks like a standard preasure switch. A little odd for it to mounted on the panel.

I agree it also looks like double taps on the bottom left and the third one up also is that old romex with out ground on the out going side of the pressure switch?
I enlarged the picture but detail goes away.

… Cookie

I’m ‘sensing’ the left one is a pressure switch for the well pump.

Just a guess…


The one on the side ia a pressure switch for a well pump, but it a strange place to mount one. No idea on the other one under the panel.

Lightning Arrestor…

Three (3) times you’re out! :wink: :roll:

I agree mounting the pump switch right on the panel is strange but mounting it inside, is always a great idea. Around here we can have our plumbing outside, it won’t freeze but that is very tough on pumps and particularly the pump switch. Mounted cover up, they are NEMA 3R rated but that doesn’t keep the ants out.
My “well” problems dropped virtually to zero when I built a pump house that gets all that stuff up off the ground and out of the weather.