Need help identifying.

Picture #1: What’s the point of the panel in the middle? The panel to the right does not appear to be grounded.
Picture #2: There is another circuit bypassing the fuse box (red wires going through to the panel on the right). Is this legal? How would you word this?

Thanks much.

I’d write the entire system is a MESS, have a electrician straighten it out as necessary.

And “legal” isn’t a proper term for our type of business.

That pretty much sums it up. :smiley:

I agree, I wouldn’t put “legal” in a report. The main question would be, what’s the best way to relay the information to the client.

Gosh ,no wonder you guys finish reports in half my time.

Tim my word of advise would be to pick out some of the more major gaffs and document them.
Somehow just calling it a mess does not seem to be the correct verbiage.
In Illinois we are actually required to find the issue and a reason for the issue.
Great rule as it keeps you from slacking.
Did not scrutinize the pictures yet but I saw a few potential problems at a glance which is enough to suggest a Regular Sparky.
Whats with the two sets of panels and the meter.
Is this commercial or multi family?
Would be more concerned with the stone foundation if I was there however.
Place must be at least 100 years old I bet.

The problem(s) discovered with the electrical service such as (********) and any other problems that an electrical contractor may discover while performing repairs need correcting. I recommend a reputable electrical contractor inspect further and correct as needed.

With only the view of these photos, the stone foundation is in better (safer) condition than the electrical service.

My home has a similar stone foundation, it ain’t going anywhere.

Chris my issue with stone foundations is that people always figure they can flip a property for a profit by taming the basements with them into a “drywall and carpet” living area.
You are never going to waterproof them from the inside as far as I know.
People were not meant to live in these spaces when they were designed.
Exterior waterproofing is never going to happen if they are in the city because of the cost involved.

Can’t see where the small wires from the devices in the middle panel go; they appear to go to the meter…is this it? If so, the devices most likely are current sensing coils and are part of of an inside metering system. An older system that I have never seen yet!

A couple of months back, I was inspecting a 100+ year old 4 unit apartment building that had last been re-wired in 1959. The puchaser, looking to buy his first income property, had an electrical company on site to gather info for a complete update of the electrical. Each apartment had electric heat, electric stove and electric DHW served by 60 amp services and as such were served by coil driven “load shedding devices”. The 2 young sparkies from the company had never seen “load sheddding” devices before; I had to explain how they worked!

The large cabinet in the middle is a CT (current transformer) cabinet. The small conductors go to the meter.

Yes conductors are permitted to pass through a panel.

If I am not wrong the small fused panel with the red wires may have been for a old water heater meter or maybe it is still in use was there 2 meters outside or maybe 1 and 1 that was blanked off.

When I see conductors dangling in the air above the panels, the one at the right wadded full, and everything else a mess, there is no sense in writing a book about it.

Have a licensed electrician make +++++ and any other repairs necessary so the electrical system is safe.

Short and sweet Condo…:D…with out breaking into a sweat typing–:stuck_out_tongue:

When I see piles of Fuses on the top of panels I have an idea there is usually “Other Issues” as well.

OH Come on Dale
You know very well that those wires dangling are just regular phone wires that are connected into those punch blocks mounted above the panels and directly above all those loose expired bulbs being collected for some mysterious reason.I think they are there to fall in case some inspector gets to nosy.(booby trap).
As far as the number of wires in the right hand box goes we first need to know how many above permissible levels they are packed in if it all.:wink:
Now if you are referring to the fact that Romex-(is what you call that extension cord in the rest of the country right)?,then I agree it needs to be secured.
Is it with in 2 feet?.Sorry I do not get to practice my extension cord knowledge much.:):):slight_smile:

See you need to give a documented reason for an issue.:wink: