Can you help educate me a bit?

I just inspected a 30 year old town home. The electrical panel looked pretty good, but I noticed these three “bumps” on the breaker, directly behind the 3rd, 4th, & 5th conductors from the top. I noticed the other breakers had small flat circles in these locations but no bumps. There didn’t appear to be any scorching or overheating anywhere.

Obviously, I’m clueless as to what those are and why they are there. I just noticed them because they were different than all the others. Can any of you sparkies help me with a little more knowledge?

Who knows. The picture is a bit small. Just give it your standard Zinsco blurb, and maybe the whole works will get replaced one day soon.

Thanks Marc,
I figured it was probably one of those “who knows” kind of things. They almost looked like little black drops of tar or something. Of course I didn’t touch them (although I did catch my stupid self starting to.:shock:)