What are these?

Pic 1 - I have been seeing these space aged things around.

Pic 2 - House had a sprinkler system but this is capped. Any ideas?

Maybe #1 is part of an alarm system? Speaker or sensor of some type?

  1. Security System Siren
  2. Future Sprinkler Tie In?

Yes, they capped a previously installed spray head. Maybe they removed the sod or bushes or whatever from that area. Maybe the sprinkler was spraying a part of the house, etc.


#1 is an security alarm horn.
#2 is a piece of pipe sticking out of the ground.

Now that’s a detailed description…

It’s just an irrigation riser that somebody capped off for some reason, maybe low pressure on the line and this helped the other sprinkler heads.

These are common things … Your scaring me!

The quality of posts on this MB has gone to ****!!!

I just cannot believe how stupid some of the questions are.:roll::shock:

Ben and Nick must be recruiting in the break rooms of Target, WalMart, K-Mart, etc…

Hey, if I don’t know, I’m going to ask.

Any idea what this is? Just bad paint or something else?

Is that a wall corner or a ceiling corner? Always take your photos in a horizontal aspect. If this is a wall corner, it looks like somebody either peed on it or pest control spray or some other type stain. Wouldn’t be paint related. Was it wet?

Exterior. Dry. Must be pest control - thanks. Yes, I need to get rid of the habit of landscape pictures - cell phone.

Keep asking questions, it makes us all better.

Hear, hear! :slight_smile:

Not sure if it’s the questions that make us better, or laughing at the responses.

I like Roy’s best!

Laughter is, after all, very good for you! :cool:

Thought pest control myself.

Mike pay no attention to guys making fun.
Only a jerk does that.

You came for help.

Okay, here’s another. Any thoughts? Hurricane related? Again, sorry for the portrait image not rotated.

Braces for the garage door. Look for anchor locations on the floor.

Yeap, as John stated above. I run into those every now and then as well.