What are these?

At the risk of sounding stupid I see these all the time and nobody seems to know what they are. I guess they are there just because.



Pest spraying pipes

pest control tubes?

Ok, so the little tubes go to different locations?

Yep. http://www.pesttubes.com/

Gotcha, I guess just did not ask the right guy being the bug guy. Most of the ones I see are painted shut. Thanks for the fast replies John & Chris

I was going to guess small irrigation lines :slight_smile: Same lines uses in drip and low water usage irrigation :slight_smile: I bet they even use the same heads :slight_smile: Great idea someone came up with for sure. One stop and you can hit everything. Only problem is you would likely NEVER know if a section or sections stopped working :frowning:

Good question for my bug man

You learn something new everyday.

I for sure want to here that answer :slight_smile: “Does he sell those?”

This installation was never completed there should be a box on the wall with connection terminals.

I first saw these about 18 years ago it was supposed to be the next great thing in pest control. The tubes were nothing more than plastic tubing and the installers had to put pin holes in the tubing with a special tool they had.

Saw another system a couple years ago in a new house I was working on. It was a lot more advanced with large tubes going to distribution manifolds and tubing that looked like it was purpose made.

The main advantage was obviously not having bug spray all over your house but they didn’t know if the tubes were working in all the wall cavities like Michael said.

Best I know the idea never took off because I rarely see them in any new homes.

Wayne - there are no stupid questions.

Those pest tubes are quite elaborate. The ones I typically see only have two or three tubes, even in large houses. A good way to treat pest behind the walls. They obviously can only be installed in the framing stage and cannot be retro fitted.

Thanks, knowing all this now we can see the pros and cons for sure