What could this be?

This trim is on the garage floor down the left and right sides. The left side is thicker than the right. Also the garage floor looks too new for the home. Any ideas.

Got a wider angle Mike. Kinda hard to understand what you are asking and we are looking at from those two. Thanks.

Mike, looks like I can see faint holes in concrete from termite treatment. If metal, it could be termite flashing.

Sorry guys this is the only photos I have. This is the only place the WDO inspector could find that had been treated. The slab looked too new to me and wasn’t finished like most pads are. Too rough of a finish. Maybe a re-pour.

Hey Mike,

I’ll take a stab at it. Looks like they replaced the garage slab, why not sure.

They tried to cover up the cut line with the flat trim? Call me if you’re real concered with it. I could get more info and help piece the puzzle together…


mud jacking?