What did this Instructor find here?

Paul Abernathy, NACHI Instructor finds all of the receptacles in a meeting room improperly wired!

There were a few other defects in the room :roll:

Better cut it out, you two.

If you guys keep this up, no motel will want to sponsor any NACHI meetings.

Hope this helps;

GUYS…I am gonna tell you…JOE has the BEST electrical defect set of eagle eyes in the business. I think we BOTH would have had an even bigger blast running around the hotel snapping pictures ( let me give you all time to PICTURE that happening…I took a nice one of a switch on the wall up 3’ talled that Will Decker…guess that makes the switch about oh…11’ high…:slight_smile: But it was probably a switch for a fan or something above the dropped ceiling…heck I could have gotten on a chair and still not reached above the drop ceiling to see what may be up their…

Thanks Joe and Will for some great files and assistance.

Heck Will…we just found defects…you found the WALL sinking…


As scripture says (paraphrased) “Render unto electrical that which is electrical, and that which is structural unto structural unto structural.”