What do you charge for re-inspection of gas leaks?

I recently performed a home inspection and found two gas leaks. 1 on supply line for the H20 heater and 1 on supply to furnace. The owner of the home fixed this himself and now needs a re-inspection. His agent asked me to go back and check and wanted to know my charge, which is $75. He freaked and said he’d never use me for an inspection. How does this fee compare to what others charge? Things to consider:

  1. It needs done very quickly and my schedule is fairly full
  2. The home is located 12 miles from my office
  3. I’ve never received a “sniff” of a job from sellers agent or his office
  4. The last time I re-inspected a gas leak fixed by a handy home owner, I walked into a house FULL of gas because after he turned the gas back on, he forgot to light the pilot of the stove.

Any input is appreciated!


All my re-inspects, for any reason, start at $150.

$75 is very reasonable.

Reasonable fee. Who cares if they won’t ever use you, they never have before either. So you must not be missing out on much, since you said your schedule is fairly full. Tell em take it or leave it.

Tell him “No problem, I’ve never recommended your RE office before either and I won’t in the future”. Your fee is very reasonable.

That’s cheap! $100 - $150. Since the agent was an ***, and said she’d never use you again. I’d tell her, “Well in that case the $75.00 is just the travel cost to the home. The actual re-inspection is $125.00. Total $200.00 payable in cash, in advance.”

I like it…I do…made my day. Need to get faster on the comebacks for sure!

I would tell them since it was not repaired by a licensed plumber, I would not go back and check them. If it was repaired by a licensed plumber than the plumber takes the liability. Unless you are a licensed plumber I would not go near a gas line that the home seller repaired. You should check with your insurance company, most do not allow re-inspections.

I don’t know what your fear is. If you have a gas sniffer, then it’s real easy to determine if it’s either leaking or isn’t. Easy money, if they are willing to pay. You aren’t certifiying anything…just noting whether or not repairs have been performed. Let’s don’t get into hashing out that argument again, though.

Regarding the price, just say “I’m sorry you feel that way. Most feel my prices are reasonable. And this is a business, not a charity, and it’s how I keep my family out from under a bridge.”

Last one there first one sued if something was to happen.

If the Realtor did not like your fee, you should of told her she could check it herself with a match.
On the second thought don’t say that because anybody dumb enough to question your $75.00 fee for a reinspection just might check a gas leak with a match. Sad but true.