What do you make of this substance on unit

I observed this on the AC unit in attic, but didn’t really get a good look until reviewing the pictures. It seems that there is some sort of substance along the bottom of the unit, possible mold substance, or just dirt. Not really sure, any thoughts. There was no other signs of moisture or mold in or around the attic area.

No drain pan and dish pans do not count.
Condensate is most likely causing the mold.
Looks like an old unit and I also see the electrical wiring looks spliced with tape not to mention it looks hand painted in the that picture…

Does that mean it won’t operate properly? :shock:

I’d really like to know, as I see units that are 20-30 years old all the time, that the “old farmer” has “painted by hand” and I would like to be able to properly advise them! :roll:

Btw… before anyone flys-off-the-handle, I was being sarcastic!


Jeff… yes, it appears to be a mold-like, mildew-like substance.

Jeff ,yes we know you are being sarcastic (as usual) the paint is most likely latex and more prone to mold in that attic.

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Care to explain why you feel your post is appropriate???

At least I answered the OP’s question.

“Most likely Latex”… just a WAG, and totally useless statement.

“More prone” does not mean it will, and another useless statement.

Are you and Roy-boy finally leaving?

I put this post of yours right up there with many of the other stupid Malicious post’s you love to make .

Unfortunately you do not seem to get the message .

Thanks for the reply about the mold issue, that is my thoughts, and yest the bucket is not a drip pan.
Feel free to carry on with the side attacks :slight_smile:

[size=2]Would you please talking s h i t Jeff. If you don’t have any good advise to offer, don’t offer any!! Thanks.

Thanks Linas ,you are always there to lend us guys a helpful hand.

The OP didn’t ask for advise. He asked for “any thoughts”.

I gave mine.

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Roy is never grumpy just disappointed in how some Members have lost the ability to talk and post correctly .

Humor is fine but many of Jeffery’s J post’s are very poor taste .

OK, I’ll “say it”.

It’s MOLD! :wink:

Toooooo late ,I called it in post 2…:slight_smile:

Hay, you know how to say that “M” Word too?!! :wink:

Not in a report I don’t.
Conditions conducive to organic growth until someone tastes it.

I thought the lick test was only for electrical continuity?
Nope wrong. This guy goes lick tests on possible organic growth.

That is your opinion. Put me on ignore!

I recommend a mold inspection by a CMI.